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Archive for May 16, 2014

Are You Expecting? Shutterfly Thinks You Are


It’s a good lesson in crossing your T’s and dotting your I’s…..


Buzz started flying earlier this week on Facebook when a friend of mine posted on Facebook: “I just got a congratulations from Shutterfly on my new arrival. Either they are 22 months late or delusional.” I thought nothing of it until a few hours later, when I received the same email (my youngest is 11). I realized something was going on, and decided to investigate.


Clearly an error on Shutterfly’s part, they quickly turned to damage control. They communicated the error on their Twitter account:





While this was a good start, and seemed to happen quickly after they realized the error, they neglected to share this information on Facebook. However, Facebook users decided to bring it up on an unrelated Shutterfly post:


shutterfly 2



Shutterfly did comment on this thread, especially apologizing to those who were offended and hurt by that email.


shutterfly 3



Mistakes do happen, but unfortunately it was surrounding a sensitive issue for many women. It seems that Shutterfly addressed the issue early, though they could have included their Facebook and possibly a statement on their website.
Just a reminder to always double check when sending emails, ensuring customer lists are segmented and clearly identified in your system, and quickly and publicly addressing any issues when things don’t go well.




Receipts Go Digital; Make the Most of Them


More and more retailers are turning toward digital receipts. I’ve seen some of the more popular retailers, including Macy’s and Walgreen’s, offering receipts to be emailed to customers. For someone like me, who tends to dislike paper that ends up in the bottom of my purse, this is a great option, especially when purchasing gifts or items that may need to be returned.


There’s another benefit to offering digital receipts – retailers have a unique opportunity to engage with customers after the purchase transaction is complete. Aside from simply offering a receipt with purchase detailers, consider incorporating any of the following:


1. A link to a one or two question feedback survey. This is a great way to get quick feedback. Depending on the system, you can tie the response to the purchase. Over time, trends can be gleaned by location, items purchased, time of day, or any other key factors that can help you make some decisions on improving the overall experience.


Furthermore, having this type of link to customer service can assist in starting conversations when things aren’t great. It makes it easy for the customer to share their concerns or issues, and gives retailers a way to provide excellent problem resolution in a streamlined fashion.


2. Social media links. By including these likes, it gives retailers a way to draw exposure for their social media sites while allowing customers the opportunity to easily connect with your brand after the transaction. This can be effective in gaining followers and building loyalty.


3. Offer discounts on future purchases. Include a “thank you” for making a purchase with your company and offer a small discount on a future purchase. This can be effective in gaining additional revenue through future visits, and gives the customer a sense of being rewarded for shopping with your brand.


As things turn more digital, as I expect the trend to continue, retailers will need to find ways to get the most “bang for their buck” when it comes to streamlining the shopping journey and managing the customer experience.