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Feedbox: Real Time Feedback


If you have a customer feedback system in place, you know that it can provide valuable insight into the customer’s satisfaction and opinions. I often hear disappointment around the fact that the participation rate is lower than a company would like, or they’re still getting feedback only from the “extreme” customers – raving fans or haters.


There is a new type of service that is emerging in companies across the country with great success. Feedbox is a real time customer feedback program. It is different from traditional surveys in that it is a console set up in your restaurant, store, or office and customers can easily share their opinions and feedback as they are in the moment.


Why is this a benefit? Placing Feedbox consoles within your business can:


    • Increase response rates: the console is visually appealing, making it easy to notice and use


    • Better feedback: since customers are in the moment, their memory is fresh and they can provide more thorough insight. With traditional surveys, customers usually don’t take part until they have left your business. Whether it’s 10 minutes or 4 hours after the fact, there is memory degradation which can alter their feedback.


    • Immediate alerts: say you run a retail chain and in one of your locations, the restrooms and fitting rooms are an absolute disaster. With Feedbox, a customer can notice this and provide feedback on the console; because there is negative information, the location or district manager will receive a text message or email right away alerting them to the issue so it can be fixed.


  • It changes behavior: much like mystery shopping programs can keep employees on their toes, Feedbox can change employee behavior. Because it is placed right at the point of interaction, employees are aware of its existence and keep good customer service in the back of their minds as they’re going about their work tasks. Simply having the console present can make employees think carefully about their performance at work.


If you’re interested in learning more about Feedbox, please feel free to visit our website or send us an email.



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